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Deliverance Home 

1. Welcome the person

2. Ask for release form and state I have two committments I will make to you.

  • I am not here to judge you
  • Everything is completely confidential

3. Say the Setup Prayer – Spiritual Covering
Alternate: (In Person, Zoom, Closing, Binding Evil)

4. Optional Things to go over Prerequisites , Hindrances to deliverance, Typical entry points, possible manifestations, exit routes

5. Describe the interview process and ask individual why they are here for deliverance. Start asking open ended questions. Take good notes.

  • Ask Where they were born and their age
  • Ask if they have siblings
  • If they are the first born (male or female) then say the fathers blessing Prayer
  • Describe how most strongholds take place within the first 6 years of life and describe the interview process
  • Ask if they have any phobias or fears
  • Ask them their earliest memory
  • What words come to mind when I say "Mother" ... how about "Father"
  • Have them describe any memories that stand out from birth - 5 years old
  • Have them describe any memories that stand out from Elementary School
  • Have them describe any memories that stand out from High School years
  • Have them describe any memories that really changed their life in Adulthood
  • Ask about their salvation experience
  • Ask if there is anything else the Holy Spirit is prompting them to share

6. Have person say the Lordship prayer and Prayer of Confession and Forgiveness Prayer

7. Close enemies legal rights

8. Go after 2nd Heaven Level as needed or and Other Prayers as needed and Legacy Prayer List

9. Choose which Spirits you need to go after or use the Personal Profile Sheet and fill up with Godly Qualities

"Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." - James 4:7

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