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2-5-14 Strategy
All Prayers in one PDF
Armor of God Prayer
Baal Divorce Decree
Binding Evil Before a Meeting
Binding Evil For Me and My Family    
Canopy of Protection Prayer
Casting Out Root Spirits
Cleansing Your Home
Closing Doors
Confession for Allowing Myself to be Controlled by Others
Confession for Controlling Others (and Background Information)
Confession for Passivity (Spiritual)
Confession for Unbelief
Conquering Vain Imaginations
Curse of Death in the Womb
Curse of Illegitimacy
Curse of Molech
Curse Or Spirit of Death
Curse Over Vietnam Vets
Dagon Cleansing Prayer
Daily Prayer for Spiritual Safety Individual
Dealing with Trauma
Declaration for Life
Declaration of Accepting Oneself
Deliverance from Water Spirits
Drug Strongmen
False Burden Bearing Spirit
Father/Mother Blessing
Father Ladder and Note Sheets
First-born Blessing Prayer     
Form Interview Data Chart
Form Problem Ares of my Life
Form SR Questionaire
Freemasonry Prayer
Freemasonry Prayer – Extended Version
Generational Curses and Root of Iniquity That Caused Them
Generational Bloodline Cleansing Prayers
Generational Iniquities
Generational Prayer for Forgiveness on Behalf of Ancestors and Iniquity
Generational Sin Removal Prayer
Godly Qualities to Replace Ungodly Ones
Illegitimate Comfort Sheet
Intercessory Prayer to Break Witchcraft Curses
Interview Outline
Interview Process
Intro to Personal Ministry Sessions
Jehovas Witness Watchtower Prayer
Jesus Medicine and other closing statements
Kundulini Prayer of Renunciation
Latter Day Saints Mormonism
Lewis Curse
Ministry Followup Material
New Age and Ascended Masters Prayer
Orphan Spirit Healing
Performance – End Striving
Prayer Birthday Dates and Times
Performance End Striving

Pharmakeia Drug Strongman
Prayer Dealing with the Spirit of Religion

Prayer for Alcoholism Self and Generational
Prayer for Cleaning of Illegitimacy
Prayer for Unforgiveness
Prayer for Willful Sin
Prayer of Agreement to Bless the Jews
Prayer of Breaking Vows
Prayer of Confession
Prayer of Release of Roman Catholics
Prayer of Release of Islamic Influence
Prayer of Repentance for Generational Antisemitism
Prayer to Break Curses
Prayer to Break Ungodly Soul and Spirit Body Ties
Prayer to Break All Ties to the Incubus and Succubus Spirits
Prayer to Renounce Martial Arts and Yoga
Preparation for Church Service Team Setup Prayer
Rebellion – Removal of Roots Prayer
Reiki Energy and Alternative Healing Prayer
Rejection – Accepting Oneself Prayer
Rejection – Dismantle the Octopus
Rejection – Four Walls
Religious Sins
Renunciation of the Janteloven Curse (Scandinavian Curse)
Salvation/Lordship Prayer
Sealing Off Prayer before Deliverance
Setup Prayer
Severing Soul and spirit Link Prayer
Shattering Strongholds
Soul Ties Prayer
Soul Ties Prayer – Short Version
Soulish Power
Spirit of Jezebel Characteristics
Spirit of Jezebel Prayer
Spirit of Legion Prayer
Spirit of Python – Disconnecting From
Spirit of Witchcraft
Spiritual Bolt Cutter Prayer
Spiritual Victory Prayer
Trail of Tears Prayer
Taking Responsibility Prayer
Training Wheels Prayer to Disrupt Satan
Warfare Prayer for the Enslaved