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Second Heaven Level Prayers 

Second Heaven - These are second heaven level prayers were we most likely do not walk in that authority. We have to ask Jesus to take care of these for us. After each prayer, we have a closing part. So click on the prayer and return to this page and say the closing prayer statement at the end of this page.

Prayer for Breaking the Spirit of Witchcraft
Prayer of Release for Freemasons and their Descendants (short version) (long version)
Prayer for Renunciation of Religious Sins for specific false religion prayers see Others Page
Prayer for Renunciation of Drug Strongmen

Prayer for Alcohol Strongman

Closing Prayer by Minister (to be said after each 2nd Heaven Level Prayer):

"Jesus, I ask that you disconnect the 2nd Heaven Level entities of ________________ and we ask you to cut off, disconnect, and cleanse all access routes. We take authority at this earthly level and I cut off all access and attachments and I pull it off in the name of Jesus and forbid any access in Jesus name. I twist off the iniquity of ______________ out of the DNA. Your power is broken right now in the name of Jesus. - Amen"

Close each legal ground and be led by the Holy Spirit

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